jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

Look before you leap

In the language class we wrote a story that had to do with looking before you leap.Here is my story.

Story: 150 words.


Examples of direct speech
Examples of past perfect

When I woke up that morning, I'd never felt so regretful in my whole life."I am a stupid, how could I do that to my own sister?" I repeated to myself meanwhile I eated a poor breackfast, when I finished, I couldn't tolerate any more the idea of my sister being trapped as a smelly rat in jail for something I did. So consequently I get to my car as fast as a leopard and drove to the Jersey police station where my sister had been stopped by the police.

When I arrived atthe animal's cage that restricted my sistersfreedom I told the guard "My sister is innocent, I murdered Mr. Fairfax"while heimmediately reponded "OK", moreover he hitt me in the face so hard thatsuddenly I felt to the floor unconscious.
When I woke up I was in a cell trapped as a mouse"Why am I here?" I shouted but nobody replied," You have done a very bad thing Mr. John"and old man said simultaneously he was getting closer to me. "You will be here for a long time Sr, you confessed the murder of Mrs. Fairfax so we let your sister free immediately afterwards" he explained me. So without fighting or discussing much I replied to him "It's true I will die here. However, I'm happy as my sister is not here anymore".